Responsible Play is providing information for all their players on how to play responsibly.

We would like to make sure that everyone who has an account with us is fully aware that all our games are designed for entertainment purposes only.

Gold Coins may never be redeemed for actual monetary instruments, goods, or other items of monetary value from or any other party.

You cannot sell, trade, redeem or otherwise transfer Gold Coins to any person or entity, including (but not limited to) another user or any third party, or in any other way cash out or exchange the Gold Coins for real money or for any real goods.

All your purchases are only available with the purpose of improving your gaming experience, for level advancement, and for your enjoyment while engaging with our games.

A few tips on how to play responsibly:

  • Play only for entertainment and if you have fun.

  • Exercise control over your playtime and any Gold Coin purchases you make.

  • Balance playtime fairly with other real-life activities.

  • Avoid playing if you are under the effect of alcohol or any illicit substances.

  • Avoid playing if you don’t feel comfortable or in control of your activities.

Other tips:

To prevent potential unauthorized charges please make sure that:

  • You remove saved payment information: When possible, you should remove saved payment information from sites that let you save billing info for a faster checkout.

  • Enable passwords and parental controls: If you share devices or accounts with your children, set up password requirements for every purchase, every time.

  • Make sure all your devices are password protected.