Excalibur Unleashed Slot Game

Step into the mystical wilderness of Excalibur Unleashed, where heroic quests blend with a cascade of glittering coins and noble realms, all set within tales steeped in fortune. Explore an enchanted forest, teeming with stories of courage, opulence, and legendary exploits.

Begin your valiant quest. Forged with precision by the virtuosos at Pragmatic Play, this slot reveals its charm on a distinctive 5-reel grid. Here, symbols weave enthralling narratives, steering you toward a destiny laden with golden bounty.

Do you hear the enticing calls of infinite riches? Forge ahead! With Excalibur Unleashed, a monumental max win beckons, poised to bolster your wagers by an astounding 500x.

Symbols & Bonus Features

Excalibur Unleashed presents a compendium of spellbinding elements, laying the groundwork for your extraordinary adventure.

Wild Symbol Feature: Wild symbols substitute for pay symbols to orchestrate victorious combinations. These symbols expand to dominate the entire reel, should multiple wilds contribute to a win, their multipliers merge in a powerful alliance.

Bonus Round Feature: Awaken the Bonus Round bestows 6 free spins. These pivotal ilds grow to conquer their respective reels.

Buy Free Spins Feature: At the cost of 85x your stake, you may invoke the bonus round, commanding the enchanted reels to bow to your will.

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So, unsheathe your blade, ready your steed, and charge valiantly through the mystical trails of Excalibur Unleashed, in a noble pursuit of wealth beyond imagination!

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