Exploding Fruits Slot Game

Enter the cosmic frontier with Exploding Fruits, where celestial symphonies blend with the glow of precious coins and twinkling constellations, narrating tales of astronomical riches. Navigate through space, a domain legendary for its valorous explorers, luxurious cosmic events, and grand odysseys.

Initiate your stellar journey, meticulously crafted by the space architects at EvoPlay. This slot reveals its cosmic beauty on an innovative 3x3 grid, where each symbol contributes to the saga of fortune and intergalactic opulence.

Do the echoes of infinite prosperity resonate with your adventurous spirit? Propel forward! Within Exploding Fruits, a celestial max win beckons, ready to amplify your bets by an awe-inspiring 831x.

Symbols & Bonus Features

Exploding Fruits introduces a spectrum of dazzling attributes, constituting the framework for your magnificent space escapade.

Energy Bars feature: Players must harness the force of 35 symbols to ignite the leap into the Galaxy of Free Spins.

Galaxy of Free Spins feature: Within this cosmic domain, 3 Free Spins are granted, expanding the Ways to Win from 27 to a vast 64.

Ultra Jokers feature: Acting as cosmic wild cards, Ultra Jokers represent all symbols. Their presence facilitates the formation of superior and bountiful 5-symbol combinations.

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Prepare for launch: secure your space gear, rejuvenate with a sip of stardust, and journey through the interstellar realms of Exploding Fruits, pursuing wealth that's out of this world!

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