Fluffy Rangers Slot Game

Join the rangers’ tournament to become known as the ‘Knight of the Rabbitland’ on the Fluffy Rangers slot game. Not only will you fight to claim the title, you'll reap the rewards that come with it. Even with their fluffy looks, the characters on this slot game are ready to do what it takes for the coveted title.

  • Collect Symbols and Fill Up the Free Spins Indicators
  • Join the Free Spins Tournament
  • Claim Up to 938x in Prizes

Features: Wilds, Free Spins, Symbol Collection



Only the strongest will win in Fluffy Rangers. Compete against the five characters – Katara the sheep, Shu Shu the raccoon, Lin the monkey, Drago the coyote, and Shadi the lynx. You can activate the bonus features to get the upper hand and possibly claim the title. Accompanied by a soundtrack matching the look of this slot game, Fluffy Ranger is a great slot game to enjoy. Will you beat them all to the big prize?

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How to Play Fluffy Rangers Slot Machine Game

Start the action on the five reels with three rows and 20 fixed paylines. On the reels, you will find nine regular symbols, wilds, and free spin symbols. Use them to create winning combinations, by matching symbols from left to right. All the combinations need to be on a payline to count as a win.

From the symbols, the sheep has the highest win at 150x when you have five of them in a winning combination. The next symbol with the highest reward is the raccoon at 120x. The other high-win symbols include the monkey, coyote, lynx. While the hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds count as low-win icons.

Fluffy Rangers Bonus Features

Get even more excitement in this slot game by activating the bonus features. Not only will you get a great gaming experience, but you will also score some of the biggest wins. Find out how to do this below:

Rangers Points Collection Zone

You will notice fixed portals on the reels which count as the collection zones. The concrete high symbols will fall into the zone and will fill the indicator of the related ranger. Once the indicator is filled, the concrete symbols and letters will appear and the collection zone will move to the next level.


Ranger Free Spins Indicators

The character symbols are the high symbol indicators which have a numeric counter. You will have to collect the number of high symbols required for each character to open the letter. Each character icon will collect the letter, and once you've collected all the letters that make up word 'SPINS', the free spins tournament will begin.. The characters will collect symbols as below:

  • On the first reel, 2 sheep symbols will collect the letter S.
  • 3 racoon symbols will appear on the second reel where they will collect the letter P.
  • Appearing on the third reel is 4 monkey symbols which will collect the letter I.
  • On the fourth reel, 5 coyote symbols will appear to collect the letter N.
  • 6 lynx symbols will collect the letter S on the fifth reel.

Free Spins Tournament

The free spins tournament will get activated as we have explained under the ranger free spins indicators section. This bonus feature will start after the winnings. While playing this round the second and fourth reel will have three identical high win symbols. The symbols can be replaced by one large wild symbol. This will create more winning combinations.

Join the Fluffy Rangers for a chivalrous tournament in the forest of Rabbitland to win big!

Game Information
Reels: 5 Scatter Symbol: No
Paylines: 20 No of Free Spins: Unique
RTP: 96.04% Jackpot: No
Wild Symbol: Yes Max Win: 938x
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