Forest Dreams Slot Games

Venture into the mystical world of Forest Dreams, where enigmatic fortunes are shrouded within the serene depths of an enchanted woodland. This domain, teeming with ancient lore, lavish bounties, and soul-stirring quests, calls forth those with the valor to explore its secrets.

Conceived by the artisans at Evoplay, this entrancing slot unveils its tale on a 5x3 grid, where every symbol is an echo of age-old myths, propelling seekers of fortune toward a destiny adorned with splendors.

Do the whispers of the shadowy woods speak to you of boundless treasures? Advance with determination! In Forest Dreams, an incredible maximum reward summons you, ready to elevate your stake to the magical 728x.

Symbols & Bonus Features

The Forest Dreams slot is a repository of enchanting aspects, each enhancing your journey with excitement and allure.

  • Night Respins feature: Seize victory with Wild symbols to initiate Respins and summon the 5 glowing orbs. Wilds take flight, drawn to the orb-marked positions, gathering their essence to rouse the woodland Spirit.
  • Peekaboo feature: Concealed Wilds will reemerge on the reels during a spin or Respin that follows an unsuccessful round, potentially turning the tides in your favor.
  • Free Spins feature: Unleashing multiple Free Spins, in this revered state, Wild symbols grace the reels, bearing multipliers of x2, x3, and x5 increasing your wins.

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Summon your occultic knowledge, gird your resolve, and set forth into the mystical domain of Forest Dreams, where fortunes untold await beneath the moonlit canopy!

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