Play Out of the Ice Slot Game

Brrr! Feeling chilly? It is freezing in Out of the Ice by Relax Gaming. Whether it's the glittering ice or the shimmering merfolk that catches your eye, this frosty adventure is sure to get your heart racing - and it's not just because of the cold! With 5 icy reels and 6 rows you've got countless ways to land a chill combo.

This medium volatility slot has it all – thrilling gameplay, frosty visuals, and a cool 6,000 max win. 

Symbols and Bonus Features

Let's warm things up a bit with the bonus features. Ever met a mermaid in an icy realm? Well, get ready, because our Merfolk Multipliers can boost your win in a splashy way! 

And if you're looking to whirl around in this icy paradise a bit longer, those free spins got you covered. Oh, and did we mention respins? Yep, the game's frosty reels can surprise you with another chance to win!

If you're in the mood for some cold fun without leaving the warmth of your home, the Out of the Ice slot game is your ticket to a frosty adventure!

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