Play Season Sisters Slot Game

Gather 'round, magical beings and fantasy lovers! Ever wondered what would happen if Mother Nature had sisters representing each season? Dive into Evoplay's Season Sisters slot game, where fantasy intertwines with fun in a dazzling dance of colors!

It's not your everyday slot! With its 5 reels, 3 rows, and a whopping 20 winlines, it's like reading your favorite fairy tale, but with a twist. You can almost feel the gentle spring breeze, the summer sun, and the touch of winter's first snowflakes. 

And the fun? Its medium volatility ensures a harmonious blend of excitement and steady play. 

Symbols and Bonus Features

Everyone has their favorite season – what is yours? 

If you play Season Sisters we're confident you'll cherish every season. Watch the magic unfold as each quarter of the year transforms into stunning characters, each accompanied by their unique features: Magical Bonus Mechanics, Free Spins, Wild Frost, Wild Flower, Wild Sun, and Wild Leaves. With this game, every spin is a journey through enchantment.

All set to embark on a fantastical journey with the enchanting Season Sisters? It's a tale of beauty, magic, and lots of spinning fun. Remember, every season has its charm!

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