Wheel Of Time Slot Game

Embark on a mystical voyage with the Wheel Of Time, where time's relentless flow converges with the ingenuity of mechanical gears. This realm, rich with the echoes of epochs past, invites those who dare to delve into its mechanical marvels.

Crafted by the masterminds at Evoplay, this adventure is not set upon traditional reels but an enigmatic Orbital Wheel. Each notch and cog in this intricate contraption is a step toward fortune, a dynamic journey through time and chance.

Can you synchronize with the rhythm of time's wheel? Engage with the Wheel Of Time slot, where a monumental prize of up to 100x your bet awaits the fortuitous.

Symbols & Bonus Features

The Wheel Of Time is imbued with elements of wonder, each turn offering a new opportunity to unlock temporal treasures.

  • Bonus Scale feature: Activating the multiplier meter, bestows a bounty ranging up to a grand 100x your stake, propelling your winnings through the temporal vortex.

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Ready your gears, set your stakes, and spin the Wheel Of Time slot, where time's tapestry unravels to reveal fortunes that defy the ages!

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